01Nov, 2017

What is Web Hosting?

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It is the backbone of the website for your company as this is the way your potential customers get to know about your company. It’s basically a service to provide the availability of a website to the users across the globe.

The most common question you should ask yourself is how to choose a web host. The first thing that you should look into while choosing a web host is the space you require for storage which the host server will provide to your company and it depends on the requirement. If your website contains not only texts but also images, videos, and apps etc. then you will need a lot of storage space.

Depending on the type of resources offered by an Internet server, there are three types of website hosting services. Starting with Shared web hosting, where a large number of websites are connected to one server and moving on to the dedicated web hosting, where the entire server is reserved for a single website and lastly Virtual Private Server hosting which is a combination of the above two options, where a webpage is hosted on the main individual virtual server and does not affect the other customers’ web pages.

When searching for a company to handle your website hosting needs, there are a few important things to keep in mind. First, make sure that your chosen firm is offering you enough web space to comfortably host your entire site, including its applications and sub-domains. Secondly, make sure that your host offers an unlimited amount of traffic, and that it will allow your site to be constantly up and running. Make sure that the servers at this company are reliable. Finally, ensure that you’ll be provided with application and software installations by your hosting company.

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