03Mar, 2014

Why Websites sometimes Crash

Sometimes websites will go down and I.T experts like us will respond with the statement that the site has crashed. Most people don’t understand what happens or the main causes of this so here I am showing you the causes

1.)    Server Overload
There is such a thing as being a victim of your own success. A website can generate so much unplanned for traffic that the servers cannot cope with the demand and therefore the site will not load. This will usually show a website loading at an extremely slow pace as the website cannot process all the requests being made at once. This is usually rectified by getting a server with a higher storage capacity and processing speed.

2.)    Lack of bandwidth
The bandwidth selected is another factor that determines how much data visitors can access as they visit your site. Photos and videos take more bandwidth than text and websites that have live streaming capabilities such as Facebook will require a lot of bandwidth as well. The amount of bandwidth that a site is allocated is pre-determined by their host prior to the beginning of the period. If a website runs out of bandwidth due to posting high consumption items, the website owners will have to re-subscribe for more.

3.)    DDOS
A distributed denial of service attack occurs when an attempt is made to prevent the intended users from accessing a website. Sometime hackers will decide to bring a website down by creating programs that replicate the command to link to the site. This means that the site will respond in the same way as if it was being requested by multiple visitors and thus a server overload results. An E-Mail bomb can also be used, this is done by flooding the sites E-mail with spam to the point that the server runs out of space and therefore crashes.  These attacks however need someone with a high level of expertise and a large number of computers to carry out. The best method to prevent these attacks is installation of firewalls but it is highly unlikely for them to be used on simple websites due to the expertise required in carrying out the attacks.

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